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Leaks is a filthy liar

Russ Bishop
November 05, 2015

Fall Cleaning

This is a blog post I started many months ago and never got around to finishing; please forgive any outdated screenshots or references. The core ideas are still relevant so I'm gonna go ahead and post it. The bug in UIKit that confused Leaks into missing the cycle was supposedly fixed but a good Software Engineer . . .

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Objective-C Generics

A small detour

Russ Bishop
November 04, 2015

In Xcode 7 Clang learned a new trick: Objective-C generics. Now that I've started using this feature in our legacy code I can't live without it. Even without Swift interop consequences I would still use it.

The What

Objective-C can now declare that an NSArray is an NSArray<NSString *>. This helps on the . . .

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Swift 2.1 Beta 3

Russ Bishop
October 07, 2015

Another day, another Xcode beta.

IDE & Playgrounds

  • You can now set Swift Error breakpoints, including restricting the breakpoint to specific error types.
  • The in-playground API has been revamped. XCPlaygroundPage.currentPage now grants a reference to the current page.
  • The playground live view support has been . . .

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Swift 2.1

Russ Bishop
September 23, 2015

If you thought Apple was slowing down with Swift, think again. Xcode 7.1 Beta 2 includes Swift 2.1. As always you can check the release notes for yourself because I don't necessarily address everything here.

Interop & Types

  • Enums imported from C automatically conform to Equatable so now they work in pattern . . .

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Swift 2: Beta 6

Russ Bishop
August 26, 2015

Some highlights from Beta 6:

Compiler & Tools

  • A new try? keyword has been added. This attempts an operation that may throw (fail). If it succeeds the result is wrapped in an optional. If it fails the error is ignored and nil is returned. This seems like a pragmatic compromise but I have to imagine someone lost a . . .

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Type & Self

Way too meta

Russ Bishop
August 19, 2015

In Objective-C, every class is an instance of its metaclass.

What about Swift? If you've looked closely at the Swift Language Reference you'll see two short paragraphs describing SomeClass.self and SomeClass.Type, a short example (that doesn't address Type at all), and that's it.


In Swift, all . . .

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Swift 2, Beta 5

Russ Bishop
August 06, 2015

Here is a quick rundown of some of the changes in Beta 5 posted today. For the full details as always check out the release notes

  • Structs and classes can conform to ErrorType
  • Non-failable initializers can now chain to failable initializers by using !
  • Debug builds should have better performance due to using . . .

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